Space Color Studio



Space - Color Grading studio

Space color grading studio takes place near the center of Budapest at Blaha Lujza Square. Ideal for small or medium projects which needs fast response or client work. Can be rented with or without a colourist. The studio also capable of editing or finishing projects until picture lock. The base computer is a Hackintosh, so you can choose a system what you prefer OSX or Windows.

  • OLED 55” studio monitor with UHD monitoring.

  • Blackmagic Davinci Resolve system with Mini panel and Resolve keyboard.

  • All monitors are calibrated with Lightspace to Rec709, and DCI-P3.

  • The monitor is also capable to work in HDR 10 and  Rec2020.

  • 800 MB/sec Thunderbolt 3 connection to RAID 6 for safety.

  • Every project is also backed up into a Secure cloud.

  • 8 Philips HUE, Ps4 Pro, and coffee for chill.

  • Creating DCP, Digital Dailies, MASTER files or WEB delivery.