About Me


David Laposi is a 29 year old director, editor, colorist living in Budapest, Hungary. Finished at Eszterházy Károly University at 2011 as a Motion Picture Maker. Got his masters degree as a Motion Picture Artist at Metropolitan University at 2015. He started his career as an editor but few years later he also developed an interest towards directing and grading music videos and commercials. He is also familiar with working on features as an DIT, 2AC, or member as the behind the scenes team. Right now he lives in Budapest as a freelancer. Likes to edit travel videos and find new opportunities.


Inspired and taught by…

Imre Szíjártó (Eszterházy Károly University: History of film)
Tibor Tóth HSC (Eszterházy Károly University: Documentary)
Ferenc Varga  (Head of the Liceum Television)
Csaba Bollók  (Eszterházy Károly University: Film Aesthetics)
DR. József Veress (Eszterházy Károly University: History of film)
Lajos Koltai, HSC  (Eszterházy Károly University: Cinematography and lighting)
Norbert Komenczi (Eszterházy Károly University: Technical knowledge)

László Hargittai, HSE (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist, Editor: AVID)
Károly Szalai, HSE (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist, Editor: AVID Workflow)
Mari Miklós HSE, (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist, Editor: AVID Dramaturgy)
Buda Gulyás, HSC (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist: CGI and VFX)
Gábor Szabó, HSC (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist: Cinematography)
András Salamon (Budapest Metropolitan University, Motion picture artist, Pre production)

Ferenc Szabados (Focusfox: Color correction and Grading)
Miklós Márton Szabó  aka: Miki357 (Directing)
Zoltán Hidvégi (CEO of Umbrella Budapest New-York)
Péter Juhász (CEO of 235 Studios Budapest)
György Gattyán (Docler Holding CEO: The richest Hungarian: approach)
Tamás Nemes (Docler Holding PR: Multinational company structures)
Tamás Magyari (il Bacio di Stile CEO: Fashion and style)



Working as a Director for Meló Diák. Creating informal videos for students.
Directing a Music video Called Ballet with Hungarian DJ Jumo Daddy.
Coloring Music video for Hungarian Artist Zsófia Kemény.


Directed an AR Content for Adidas At Madrid with Marcelo Vierra.
Directing a commercial for Meló Diák called Flow.
Directed a Commercial for Meló Diák called App.
Directed an image video for Meló Diák called Mentors.
2AC in a feature film for Netflix titled Natale a 5 stelle.
Post Production manager and editor at Ultiliga S02 Tv series.
Directed five informal short commercial for HÖOK.
Production manager and GoPro technician at France during a SkyRide event.
Teacher at Lumen course as a Colorist and as an Editor.
2AC at an Music video for SCRLRD UK.
Color grade a commercial for L'occitane.
DIT and Data wrangler at 3 commercial for Laxaclean.
CCTV editor for the american tv series Homeland S07
Teached several students on private to edit effectively
Color graded an UPC commercial to Studio-X.
Color graded an Event video for OMSZ Hungary.
Edited a short video for Yes Theory Youtube channel with 3 348 185 subscribers.
Color graded a Music video for Júlia Horányi - Better than me.
Edited CCTV footage for the TV series Called Hannah.
Graded Stills for a Hungarian DP called Csaba Szentgáli.
Participated on a festival Called East feszt as an Fs7 operator.
Created an Animated slideshow for Mauri SC.
2AC at commercial called “Im”i for the Hungarian Telecom.
Post Production Supervisor and DIT at Hungarian Masterclass for Forbs Hungary.
Graded a Music video Paja Bea - Két HázHead of Behind the scenes team at feature film called SAS: Red Notice with Ruby Rose.
Graded an short film called Szikesföldiek.
Created two event film for Melodiak.
Edited a short online video for Erste Bank.
Color Graded a commercial for Driving camp Hungary.
Created several Travel videos from Thailand, Everest, Barcelona, and St, Petersburg.


Production manager and colorist in a Tv series called Crazy Town.
Edited a video for Kolibri pictures to Colleen Bell American ambassador.
Color graded dailies footage to a short named Nothing really happened. Director Sandor Csoma.
Edited several video for Hungarian Youtube channel called Slejm.
Edited showreel to Kick Ass Production.
Edited event video for Raggazart company
Directed edited and graded a music video for Hungarian band called Trick.
Created treatment for company Fillscrn.
Behind the scenes photographer for Globus hungary.
Edited an event video for Nokia.
Edited an TV programme called UP for Tv2.
B camera and Editor/colorist at a Music Video for DJ Nara.
Editor and Post production Supervisor at Ultiliga Tv series.
Festival After movie Team member az an Fs7 operator at EAST fesztival.
Edited three tv programe at Tv2 Hungary.
Edited and color graded Daily videos for Sziget, Volt, and Balaton Sound festival.
Edited an image film to Continental.
2AC at the TV series called The Real Hungarian House Wifes.
DIT/Data wrangler for Tchibo commercial. Production house Umbrella.
Created 4 live concert videos for Jolly Jackers.
Color graded short movie called Mantra.
Color graded a commercial for Sony.
Color graded a music video for a theater. DP was Balázs István Balázs.


Worked at Umbrella Budapest as an Online Editor, Editor in more than 100 projects. Without all mentioned:

Online editor in a music video for Vodafone Hungary.
Edited a Music video called Péterfy Bori & Love Band - Szép halott
Online editor in Coca Cola / McDonalds commercial.
Online editor in several Telecom commercials.
Edited an event video for HBO Hungary.
Online editor in Centrum commercials
Online editor in Ofotért commercials
Edited Guardians commercial.
Online editor in Provident commercial.
Online editor in Rexona commercial.
Conform operator in a Korean series called Guardians of Night: The Demon Hunting Academy.
Editor at Liget online videos.
Online editor in Budapest 2024 olympics videos.
Edited and created photos to Eszterházy Károly university on several events.
Online editor in Tesco, CBA, Aldi, Lidl, Spar, Penny commercials.
Online editor in Pöttös, Sport szelet commercials.
Online editor in Fluimucil, Béres csepp, and several medicine commercials.
Edited a directors cut to Biotech HungaryOnline editor in Hévíz commercials.
Online editor / Editor in Wizz Air commercials.
Color graded a short movie called Salvia Regina.
Edited several videos to Slejm’s youtube channel.
Edited a music video to Bye Alex - Nehéz vagyok.
Edited a Music video called ANTILOPE KID FEAT. 480 SOLO - VIRÁGNYELV.
Online editor in Borsodi, Soproni, Baxter commercials.
Created a tender video for Pope Francis.
Also worked as an AVID tecnician in feature called For body and Soul wich was nominated to Academi award.
Glidecam operator at Spain in a wedding.